About Us

RAVAN ERTEBAT ASR (AEC, Access Endless Communication) has established to comply with professional engineering solutions in the telecommunication field. we have gathered a great team of experienced and dedicated professionals who have been assisting well established international companies. Due to our large scale involvement in numerous Iranian & International mobile telecommunication projects throughout Iran, which have been either direct or indirect, we have been able to build an outstanding portfolio where our competent and professional staff has responded well to the requirement of all operators and vendors.

Based on our reputation, we claim that our organization is capable of running professional and detailed RF & TX Planning and Optimization in different technologies _2G, 3G, WiMaX & LTE , Propagation Model Tuning & Spectrum Clearance, providing new solutions and products for RF, TX & Data networks, professional Network Test services (DT, RVT, Benchmarking, Network Monitoring), solutions and implementation by expertise in technology areas of IP/MPLS Unified Communication, Routing & Switching, Data Centers, Network Security, WiMAX, GPON.

In order to provide highly standard web based solutions, we have gathered a team of IT experts. Applying the latest designing & SEO techniques, and according to the latest changes in Standards and Algorithms of search engines and relying on our expert members, we are capable to design and develop different and unique websites which offer web based solutions beyond our customers' requirement & approaches.

CERTIFICATES & AWARD Some of our Achievements