FM , field site maintenance

FM , Field Maintenance

Field Maintenance Services shall be applicable for:

  • • Mobile Telecom Equipment (NodeB, LTE, Metro, Transmission, etc)

  • • Electromechanical Equipment (Air-conditioners, UPS/ Stabilizer/DC systems, Battery banks and Rectifiers, AC Power cables and MDB, External alarms, Earthing systems)

  • • Power Generators

  • • Infrastructure Equipment (Shelter/Equipment room, Fire Fight System, Tower/ Masts/Guyed wires/Railing structures)

  • • Single Point of Contact (SPOC) and Work Order Management

  • • Corrective Maintenance

  • • Access Radio Sites Corrective Maintenance

  • • Generators corrective maintenance

  • • Mobile/Portable Generators

  • • Preventive Maintenance

  • • Access Radio Sites Preventive Maintenance

  • • Tower Preventive Maintenance

  • • Micro / Mini BTS, Preventive Maintenance

  • • Generator Preventive Maintenance

  • • Generators Refueling Service

  • • Acceptance Activities from Roll-out Teams

  • • Power Bill Payment Management Service

  • • Site Information Management

  • • Spare Part Handling

  • • Reports and Documentation

  • • Site Security

  • • Full-time, well-qualified Maintenance Technicians supported with all the hand tools and test equipment needed, are to perform the services on the non-telco equipment in the core sites.

  • • The Technicians shall have the technical background and professional experience to deal with the variety of equipment existing in the site.

  • • The on-site shift technician shall perform a regular check, and shall record the reading in a daily log. This daily log should be available at all times in site upon request. The format and content of the daily log shall be subject to the Huawei representative evaluation and approval.

  • • The on-site shift technician shall record all the PM dates, and actions in the equipment history log.

  • • The routine scope of maintenance, from a technical perspective, shall be submitted upon signing the contract for approval.

  • • AEC shall keep Huawei representative fully acknowledged and informed of all occurrences, incidents, or any related issues with regard to the scope of responsibility.

  • • AEC will carry out the preventive and corrective maintenance of the various types of alarm and fire fighting systems employed in the network. These will be maintained as the following broad level guidelines but not limited to checking and maintaining on to keep the systems at normal and healthy operating mode.

  • • Housekeeping to ensure a clean and safe environment for equipment operation.