AEC offers Active & Passive Fiber activities
  • Fiber Optic Network connect existing customer HUB sites, in Metropolitan Areas.

  • The network topology consists of Core, Metro Core and Access

  • This will include Metropolitan MESH, FTTS, FTTX and possible future Inter City route projects, which will require site visits, Progress Reports, Quality Reporting, Final Acceptance and As-built sign-off.


  • • Act as Single Point of Contact (SPOC) to the Employer, on section awarded

  • • Site visits (negotiate accessibility)

  • • Reporting on progress, site health and safety incidents and non-conformance

  • • Attend PAC, CAC and FAC testing as per requirement

  • • Inspection and verification of OSP construction work

  • • Surveys – feedback on choice of route and risks and obstacles

  • • Observing and supervising full quality assurance process during every stage of the civil and fiber installation

  • • Planning – sign-off on the As-Planned documentation

  • • Provide customer with a full site survey result containing all aspect of the OSP and ISP build

  • • The following points must be addressed, Quality Assurance:

  • • Minutes of meetings (site meeting / or any contractor meeting)

  • • Ensure PAC, CAC and FAC according to RFT specification build

  • • Daily supervisory and progress reports

  • • Detailed Survey – Planning, Estimating and BoQ

  • • Project Reporting

  • • All Civil work construction quality assurance

  • • Material usage – logistical risk on site

  • • Verify Site Engineers responsibilities – Site Diary, Site Instructions

  • • Documents and drawing verification

  • • Environmental, Health and Safety – By-Laws